Little Big Bangs

by Little Big Bangs

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released September 8, 2013

Engineered & Mixed By: Jason Hutto @ Smokin' Baby
Mastered By: Mario Viele

RIP - Pig Slop, A Boulder On The Tracks, Hair Hole
Thanks - Brother Gruesome, Barely Free Partial Prisoners, Rip Rap, Mike De Leon, Bill Streeter, and Chris Stealy (yr the best)
Art - Elizabeth x Schaefer and Tess
Layout - Pat Grosch
Photos - Theo R. Welling




Little Big Bangs St Louis, Missouri

Eric Boschen - Guitar Bass Vocals

Lucy Dougherty - Guitar Bass Vocals

Ryan Macias - Guitar Bass Vocals

Colin Immenschuh - Drums


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Track Name: Armada
its a never ending story
give that man a gun for glory
you dont wanna think about that
i gotta
who invades who enslaves
who persuades who gets raped
who gets saved who gets paid
who writes the history books
there aint no point in a white flag
burn every flag till it turns black
Track Name: Drag
dogma of the club owner sacrament of drink
the self-human sacrifice to economy
and turnin all your pain into a mechanical crane
and a baby doll
you put your quarter in
but your never gonna win not at all
if its a living why are you so sad living is a drag
run away on yellow brick when im feeling blue
comfort in paralysis goin nowhere soon
oh well im done with the vacation
that ive taken from my mind
but tickle me pink on the second i can leave
this space and time
Track Name: Heart Attack
ill be dead honest i feel like the walkin dead
but when you turn on the static i feel alive again
i dont think about my bills
i dont think about my rent
i dont think about my problems
when the radio is comin in
i dont think about the trees
that ill never get to see they were replaced
so we could drive upon this artery
turn it up so i can hear it in the back
make this city have a heart attack
Track Name: Forgotten
there really wont be a morning
eternal night exploring
the rotten guts the twisted lane
theres something down there its sugar kane
as it grows we find our flaws and what we gather
from breaking laws
shot down painted black
designed to cope but not to last
another problem
another day
whats up truth or dare
rebellious strength i can see it in yr stare
finding light in the darkness
wont provide the clarity you were promised
the pain is gone but not forgotten
Track Name: I Don't Wanna Talk About It
creepin around with yr lens
you must know everything
pay me now in dead social capital
atr brb omg hashtag validity
how do you know what its like to stand up to
anything at all when police got yr back
whered you learn to read and write
whered you learn to breed and fight
whered you learn to say that
i dont wanna talk about it
too terrible to talk about
i dont wanna go to school
i dont wanna go to church
all i wanna do is make yr bubble burst
just got so wrapped up in it
Track Name: 84
i shot the sheriff he shot debord
im gettin hell hes got the lord
boy get them glasses up off the floor
i am a child of 84
im gettin tired of the man
im doin all that i can
dont even care when you were born
surveillance into submission
thank jesus christ for television
maybe that screens got yr eyes sore
Track Name: Lucky
i havent found the gold I need
to put into my purse
i hear it could be a whole lot worse
isnt it lucky you first
i found a lot of people fit each other like a glove
vulnerable floating like a dove
isnt it lucky in love
peace disturbance we cut a rug
fuckin pigs got a billy club
i need to cheer up
ride the bus cuz you got no car
pattys got a wicked battle scar
richter scales gone off the charts
life she lives makes her want to barf
Track Name: Apathy's First Kiss
what a deadbeat fashion show
of angry bros
who won the pageant miss anthropist
its those symbols you adore
i wanna life that means something more
reduced to records in a store
uh huh
whats a politician for fillin morgues
whats a rapist good for eating shit
apathys a tool of social war
you fall in line man you don’t ask what for
yr just a statistic on a scoreboard
award goes to the biggest man
oh what a coward
all you knew how to do is get louder
idiots with guns in heat
beat their girlfriends on the street
a restraining order and yr back next week
Track Name: Voyeur
the whole worlds a voyeur
so go and get yr lawyer
dont dare be a looter
cuz you can watch it on computer
everyone in here
the whole world is watchin
cat calls while im crossin
from a siren that is too loud
gonna gonna gouge yr eyes out
lucy get yr knives out
Track Name: Basement
cracked and cluttered minds
stuck in a basement
im on the pavement
thinkin bout the government
if we die then i dont know
but if we live well then were gonna blow
and if you leave well please dont go
were gonna smash it up after the show
i used to have time but now i just pay rent
i used my bones for the minimum payment
i dont know how i should feel
tanya kim and kelley deal
light and joy and love and pain
and john and lou and kurt cobain
and screaming fields and diamond seas
wont let this world catch up with me
Track Name: Burn It All Down
some drugs are real powerful
sip snort shoot smoking good
some copsll try to bust you
so you better knock on wood
sometimes i dance the watusi
sometimes i dance alone
sometimes i call him up on the telephone
some people live enough
some people live a lot
some folks like billy pilgrim are beggin to be shot
some cowardice is expected
some doors to unlock
closed circuit cameras watchin
more often than not
sometimes i live in the country
sometimes i live in the town
sometimes a great notion
to burn it all down
Track Name: Phone Call
phone call
dont know where youve been at all
phones dead are you out of yr head
i had to think about the trouble you been
i had to think about the trouble you been in
tape a phone to my head i might wind up dead
with all the things they said all alone in my bed
im makin a noose outta telephone wire
you get to hang i get to dial
so call me collect as im buried alive
hang dial